Overseas Employment, Study & Travel Information

Traveling, studying and working abroad is an experience that can open your mind, expand your horizons, and make your resume look more attractive to potential employers. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, uncomfortable and even frightening for the inexperienced and unprepared traveler. To minimize the impact on your peace of mind and your health, you must spend time preparing and researching your trip, especially if it is your first time. In some instances, you may spend months researching and preparing before being ready to travel. 

The information below is intended to aid in the research process as well as provide some leads to some of the options available to students and graduates.

International Experience References

University of Alberta International is an excellent resource for preparing you to study, volunteer or work abroad. Their website has many great links, and the International Centre in HUB Mall has many sources on international opportunities.

Jobs/Internships Search

AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce)
This is a global, student-run organization that develops experience, leadership and social responsibility among students in an international context through our exchange and global education programs and activities.

Overseas Jobs Express
A site devoted to overseas placement, it provides access to 700+ career, employment, job and recruiter sites in 40+ countries.  It features an online newspaper for international recruitment, and resources to help you plan your overseas job or travel experience.

International Internships: University vs. Post-University Internships
Many Internet sites offer internships in addition to career postings. Please note the definition and requirements of internships vary among countries. For example, many are only available to students who are still completing their degree, whereas the Youth International Internship Program, offered under Canada's Youth Employment Strategy (YES), is only available to individuals who have already graduated from a university program. Read each internship description carefully to determine if you qualify to participate.

Links to International Internship Opportunities

Youth Resource Network of Canada
The Canadian Federal Government, under YES has provided numerous resources for individuals just entering the job market on this site. Included are a number of international links to overseas exchanges and job opportunities.

Monster Board (International)
The international section of this popular job board.

United Nations (UN)
There are many UN departments that offer different employment/internship opportunities not listed on the main website. If a certain department interests you, use the links below to track down their site. Most will have their own employment/internship listings.

Study Abroad Search

Study Abroad Programs Directory
A huge directory of study abroad programs searchable by year of study, subject and intensive language.

International Exchange Program (IEP)
IEP is an exchange program set up for business students who want to study in a different country. If you are looking for a study opportunity overseas, this is where to go.

Study Abroad Guides and Useful Information

Canadians Resident Abroad
This site addresses the concerns of Canadian expatriates seeking answers to their residency and taxation-related questions.

DFAIT Travel Publications
The Department of Foreign Affairs has written a number of individual guides for Canadians traveling and working overseas. A number of these publications are available at Business Career Services in a pocket-size hard copy format.

Big World Travel Links
A site devoted to world travel, the links are biased towards non-corporate, personal, or non-profit pages which would normally be a little more difficult to find. Most should be of use primarily to the budget-minded, independent, somewhat adventurous traveler.

One Small Planet
Many links and tips on working, volunteering, studying and traveling overseas.

Round-the-World Travel Guide
Contains a wealth of valuable information for anyone planning to travel/live overseas; subjects include initial considerations, transportation, money matters, Visas, health issues, transportation insurance, people issues, communication, safety & scam tips, and a list of additional information sources.

Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas
This book was written and compiled by Jean-Marc Hachey. Written for Canadians, this book provides an excellent source of information for anyone looking for an international career/exchange. A copy is also available for viewing at Business Career Services.

Transitions Abroad
A bi-monthly magazine with articles about traveling overseas, as well as other publications available for the international job seeker.

Escape Artist
Resource material for overseas living/travel. Included is an international job board with a listing of available international positions broken down by country.