MBA/Masters of Agriculture Combined Degree

Develop your leadership potential in the growing and changing world markets for agrology, agribusiness and food industries. Our MBA/MAg (Master of Agriculture) joint degree is designed for individuals interested in pursuing an advanced degree in agriculture with a strong management focus.

Trends in the agriculture and food sectors show an increased demand for leaders with diverse skills and knowledge of both the management and technical aspects of the industry. The degree offers opportunities to pursue your interest and goals in agronomy, agribusiness, food industries, environmental conservation sciences, or environmental planning.

The Alberta School of Business in partnership with the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences offers the joint MBA/MAg that can be completed full-time in two years or on a part-time basis in up to six years. This unique program allows individuals with an undergraduate degree and several years of professional work experience the opportunity to combine management courses with advanced studies in agriculture, environment or food related fields.

Partner – Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

The Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences has been working with the Alberta School of Business since 1988 to meet the increasing demands of industry for inspired and skilful managers. For most MBA/MAg students, the collaborating department in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences is the Department of Rural Economy. However, the MBA/MAg can also be pursued in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences and/or the Department of Renewable Resources. Please contact the relevant department for more information on the programs available:

The Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology focuses on agricultural and food economics, agribusiness management, environmental, resource and forest economics, and rural, resource and environmental sociology.

The Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science offers programs that integrate teaching and research in plant science, animal science, bio-resource engineering, food science and nutrition.

The Department of Renewable Resources is focused on understanding and managing landscapes and the associated resources.

The Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences shares the same commitment to excellence in teaching as the Alberta School of Business. Two professors from the Faculty have received the 3M Teaching Award--an award given annually to the top ten professors in the nation.

Summer Internships

Students in the MBA/MAg program have the option to complete a four-month summer work internship as part of their MBA elective course requirements. Among the companies that students have worked for over the past years are Biomira, Alberta Government, City of Edmonton, Dow Chemical and KPMG.

Career Opportunities

Emerging trends in agriculture and food industries have increased career opportunities in the past few years in Alberta as well as the world market. The agri-food industry plays a key role in Alberta’s development and is currently the second largest industry in the province.

Graduates of the joint program obtain positions such as agricultural business managers, agricultural consultants, public health specialists, and export agents. Some companies employing graduates include Alberta Energy, Alberta Government, Biomira, City of Edmonton, Dow Chemical, Farm Credit Corporation, KPMG, Petro-Canada, Westaim, and the Workers Compensation Board.

The Program

In Year One students study the key areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, management science, marketing, strategy and organizational behaviour and have the option to begin coursework in agriculture. In Year Two students further their knowledge in agriculture-related fields and select several electives from both the Alberta School of Business and the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics.

A project focusing on the agriculture-related industry with a significant business component completes the program requirements.

Program Outline

MBA / MAg Joint Degree Outline


Students with a BSc, BA or BComm degree with at least 3 years of relevant professional experience will be admissible to this program. Applicants must follow the admission procedures and meet the admission requirements of both the Alberta School of Business and the Department of Rural Economy (or other ALES department).

The recommendation for admission will be made by the MBA/MAg Joint Program Selection Committee consisting of representatives from the Alberta School of Business and the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Admission will be recommended only for those students judged to have the ability and motivation to handle the significant demands of the program. Professional experience is highly desired.


Students enrolled in the MBA/MAg program are eligible for all general MBA entrance and second year scholarships.


To contact a graduate student service advisor within the Faculty of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences, or for more information about the Master of Agriculture program, please see the relevant graduate program information page for the relevant department:

Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science
Renewable Resources
Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology