Jessica Ireland

Jessica Ireland

Jessica Ireland

3rd Year BCom Student
Management & Organization Major

Why did you choose to apply to the Alberta School of Business?

I went to the University of Alberta because of convenience, since I live in Edmonton. However, I had no idea how great the School of Business would be. Now that I attend this great School, I can definitely see why students travel internationally to attend the Alberta School of Business.

Can you talk a bit about your experiences so far at the School and some of the extracurricular activities you’ve been involved in?

My experience at the School of Business as been incredible so far. I have had the opportunity to hold the position of Events Executive and now President of the Business Exchange Association, I am currently a Student Ambassador and have attended and volunteered for many School of Business events, I plan on volunteering for JDC West, attending RMBS and I've had the privilege of assisting with Alberta School of Business Student Recruitment. All of these opportunities have taught me me how to manage and work with others while allowing me to build a network and be a more well-rounded person. The amount of extra-curricular activities offered by the School of Business are never ending, I only wish I could do them all!

You’re currently juggling a few jobs while attending school full time. Do you find it difficult to balance these activities and your course work?

I can't say it is always easy to balance work and school, but I can definitely say I'm fortunate to be studying something I am interested in and working jobs I love, making it much easier to balance them both. In addition to paying for my schooling, I believe working during University teaches discipline and gives me the experience I need to apply the concepts from the classroom.

You’re currently the President of the Business Exchange Association. Can you tell us what you do on the BEA, why you decided to get involved, and what the BEA does for BCom students at the U of A?

As President of the BEA, I manage four different portfolios with 22 executives whose focus is to promote internationalism throughout the School of Business. The Business Exchange Association (BEA) exists to encourage, facilitate and support all Business Students with international exchanges and to develop the international experience at the School of Business. We are driven to increase the international outlook of the School by making an exchange opportunity available to every Business student. I decided to get involved with the BEA when I discovered the opportunity for international exchange at the School of Business Clubs Fair. While planning my exchange, the BEA was incredibly helpful and answered all my questions. With this, I developed a passion for exchange and decided to apply for the BEA executive; six months later I am the President. I feel quite fortunate to be a part of the BEA and do everything I can to promote the invaluable experience students will get by studying abroad. I can't wait to go on an exchange myself to Vienna next Winter!

What are your plans for after you graduate?

I am hoping to take a year and travel through participation in Streetlight Canada and the Alberta-Saxony Internship Program. Following these adventures, I am looking to pursue a career in event management. I've always had a passion for organization and currently have the privilege of working for Jennifer Bergman Weddings, a BCom graduate. Therefore, event management definitely seems like the perfect fit.

Do you have any advice for future Alberta BCom students?  

The two most important pieces of advice I would give future BCom students is:

1. Jump right in. When you come in as a first year business student, you have an immense amount of untapped potential. Attend events, join a student group, participate in case competitions; by doing so you will discover your talents and meet some great people. The School of Business is a hub for talented students, so meet as many other students as possible because they will be your future network.

2. Find your passion. There is a large number of student groups from every different discipline. Get involved and find what you love to do. The Alberta School of Business is incredibly supportive of student initiatives so don't take this for granted, if you have a vision; go for it!